Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Because it's there.

I watch a lot of documentary-type programs. I saw one about the high death toll that K2 takes on climbers. And the suicidal tendencies that the show highlighted just struck me as completely insane. If I recall correctly, the quote "Because it's there." embodied the motivation of a great majority of the climbers. Now I have issues concerning heights, frostbite, and oxygen sickness so great that I could never bring myself to try for a summit attempt. But then I got to thinking about the climber's motivation for doing what they did-the need to climb, to see what very few people ever have seen, to be at the top of the world. And while I don't have that same need (it's the height thing, I swear), I do have a need of my own, namely, concerning my writing.

One of the blogs I follow asked what is your ultimate goal for your writing. And, of course, my idea is to shoot for the stars and want it all. Why not? Dreaming and positive thinking are fantastic tools. And hey, who in their right mind would turn down a brilliant career doing what they love? Not me! But even if all I ever managed were an occasional printing, that'd be okay. Heck, even if all I managed were rough drafts that only the family read, that'd be okay, too. Because, to me, if I don't write, I'm not completely me. And if that is anything like those climbers feel like, then I can totally understand.

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