Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is there something wrong with my brain?

Okay, no one that knows me gets to answer that. But I have to admit, sometimes I wonder. There are many points in my daily life that give credence to my theory, but today had to be one of the most shining examples.

I had to get up at six this morning so that I could make the hour drive over to my neurologist to have a VER (visual evoked response) test. Basically, I sat in a dark little room with a bunch of electrodes glued to my head and watched a little dot in the middle of a black and white checkerboard patterned television screen. The electrodes recorded brainwaves as my eyes did or did not do whatever they did. And instead of thinking about the test, I'm sitting in that little room pondering all the things that could possibly be gleaned from those lovely little brainwaves (and yes, there was brain activity, for those who are feeling a wee bit snarky). If the tech were adept enough at interpreting them, could she have translated the data into what I thought, how I felt? The thing lasted for forty five minutes, and that's all that I could think about. And for some reason I found myself thinking about a scenario with similar equipment and all sorts of fun dystopic shenanigans.

As more time passes, I find my mind taking on these little excursions. Considering the goal I'm working to reach, I really don't think that the rampant and pinball-like imagination is a bad thing, just takes a little bit to get used to, I guess. Now if I can only harness it more reliably.

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