Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Location, Location, Location.

I always find myself torn about story locales. I've lived in a lot of places (like, a ridiculous amount). So when I find myself telling a story where the setting isn't central to the plot, things just are kind of "meh." Which is unfortunate because my home in central Washington state. Anyone that is lucky enough to live here knows how much awesomeness there is to work with, which makes it doubly sad on my part.

I'm conflicted on the whole idea of setting a story here. I mean, there's a difference between having something terrible happen in one of the little towns versus downtown Portland. Not that bad things don't happen in small towns. I think that it may be an easier to buy the idea that big city=big trouble.

That, and it's less likely to impact me personally. With my luck, the book that would get huge (and, yes, I am dreaming big) would be the one set in my town. I would hate to have my favorite coffee shop or restaurant inundated with tourists. The west-siders are bad enough. ;)

Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get over being selfish and share. Maybe.


  1. To date, my settings have been spaceships and alien planets. If I get around to novel#3 [if one of the first 2 sell, maybe not], I will set it in my hometown. But, you have to do what makes you comfortable so that your creativity is not stifled. Happy writing!

  2. Lol, it's the tourist dilemma, I swear! :D