Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The horror...the horror...?

My NaNo project this year took a little bitty turn towards the dark side (not THE Dark Side(C, R, TM, etc)), but the general idea of the term. I decided to write a horror project. I don't know why, really. Maybe I've been needing to channel my loathing of the books that shall not be named, maybe I miss the old school styles, maybe I think it's time for a reboot (hell, everything else in the world is getting rebooted, why not?).

But the funny thing is that I've noticed my usual movie habits have ramped up and amped up from the usual weirdness. I thought that I'd be immersing myself if horror classics, indie experimental, and, shudder, modern slasher flicks. I mean, after all, this was my first foray into the horror genre, shouldn't I get all the help I could get? But no, not to be. All the stuff I've been driven to watch has been anime; crazy, farce, bishonen, comedic anime. So far this month I've finished off the entire seasons of Wallflower and Oran High School Host Club. On the mailing dvd deck is more of the same.

I think I have a problem. (^<>^)

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