Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaNo Log: Day 4.

You're supposed to read the blog title in Captain Kirk's voice. :D

So my goal for today is be at about 6700 words. I'm sitting at about a 1000 short right now. Not a deal, it's only seven p.m. and I gots da plans for the rest. Hehe. In ll fairness, though (funny how keep saying that to justify myself), we did have a catastrophic car issue that kept us at the mercy of mechanics and tow trucks all day.

This is my second year participating in NaNo. Last year i had a completely different plan of literary action, insofar as I had none. Well, not exactly none. But all I had was a little seed of an idea that I just planted on the 1st and waited to see what grew. Flew totally by the seat of my pants. It was way too much fun.

This year I planned. A lot. I have plot points galore, outlines, research notes, visual cues, you name it. So far my characters are being really gracious and magnanimous and lining up like I've planned. So far, anyway. Of course, I've given them a bit of freedom to walk around, but the paths they've taken have been helpful instead of plopping me into a well. :D

Something else different this year is that we (as in my NaNo region) are in a word war with another region in southern California. I'm not sure how that's supposed to work, I think the wagers are stuffed animal and fashion dolls (don't ask). My group is pretty intent on all out victory. War is hell.

I will close for now for I must return to the front lines for now. Send care packages!

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