Thursday, December 17, 2009

Word Count Sahara.

I haven't written anything lately, not even a to-do list. Which is probably why I have none of my Christmas decorations up. I'm going to cite creative decompression for my lack of updates. It's reasonable, handy, and most important, totally true. For the past couple weeks my head has felt like a sponge that had every drop of creative liquid wrung from it. Which is both good and bad. Good because the end product of a month-long mad dash to a manuscript. Bad because of the amount of physical strength the mental exertion takes out of you.

But that's part of the fun. This happened to me last year, too. And when I do NaNo next year, chances are it'll be another repeat of years past. I think, for me, anyways, that the decompression is a very necessary element. By the time November comes to a close, I'm so tired of the writing marathon that I know I run the risk of true and complete burn out, the type where I never want to see the story again. And that would be bad.

Today is the first day that I even looked at my manuscript. It was mostly to get some feedback on a big edit I want to do, but I still looked at it. I think that I've managed to catch up on all my sleep and my head is starting to fill back up. Which is handy because I have about another fifty thousand words until the thing is complete. :)

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