Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Setting Sites.

So I'm thinking about setting up a website. An additional platform to widen my online presence and give a place for future readers and employers to look to for what makes me tick (crosses fingers). Something that wows and draws people in would be awesome. At least, I think that's what the goal should be.

I've studied content and layouts, blurbs and bios, and I have a pretty good idea what I want. Then I realized something: when I set up my stuff, all that content has to be about me. ME! (Contemplates curling up in the fetal position).

But Lynn, you may ask, isn't that the whole point to your authorship endeavor?

Yes and no.

You see, I began my daydreaming about publishing before the mainstream media saturation of the current day. (Dons beret and scarf). I thought that I could "get people" for that while I concentrated on my art. Yeah, yeah, I know. But hey, in all fairness, it was a long time ago. The public relations stuff doesn't bother me, per se. Handling all the p.r. until you can get people strikes me as a little weird. The idea of marketing myself is a bit awkward. Too much and you look like you're trying too hard. Too little and you look uninteresting.

So I've decided to take the baby step approach. A blog here, a Twitter there, and so on and so on. :) I'm sure that I'm over analyzing again, and I'm going to feel like a dork when everything turns out easy peasy.

*Speaking of online presence, I'm going to be guest blogging on Frances Pauli's Speculative Friction on February 13th. Stop by, have fun. :)


  1. Aside from a synopisis (blech) the thing I hate writing the most is my bio.
    Content about yourself sucks. That's why we're authors not actors! lol
    You'll get through it, get used to it, but don't ever start liking it!! hee hee

    Can't wait to have you on the blog.


  2. I also thought of a website to promote my name, but then I think, "But, what will I put on the site?" I'm dragging my heels in that direction, but for now I just blog. That's enough, along with my writing articles for the Examiner (to promote my name) to distract me from the actual enjoyment, writing fiction.