Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change of Scenery.

I've spent the last two weeks in Texas Hill Country. There were things that required attending to for the past few years, during the height of summer, in 90+ temperatures and 70+ percent humidity...*sigh* I've never been tortured before (unless you count my friends love for the books that shall not be named), but I imagine that combination of heat and humidity is as close to water-boarding as I ever want to get.

But as much as I hate the weather, though, is how much I love being around the family and friends that call that area home. <3

It also tends to give me SO much material to work with and things to think about. From random thoughts inspired by random (really, really random) conversations to the situations I find myself observing, the trip is always interesting.

I sometimes forget how useful a change of scenery can be. Although, I think from now on I'll visit during the fall.


  1. Definitely been enjoying the mild temps here in the PNW. Not complaining. :)

  2. Lynn, sry I don't visit more.

    O goodness, it's murder here. I don't remember it ever being this HOT

  3. The weather has been weird everywhere this year. Up here, our weather JUST started to get hot.