Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Was That Again?

I'm link-happy lately, mainly because I've been spending a lot of time online trying to keep my mind busy and typing as little as possible.

This article got the old cogs turning. The idea of losing a language that has been around for thousands of years to something that has been around for less than one hundred is mind-boggling.


  1. Interesting. It is a sad thing. I can't imagine forgetting how to write. Although I do most of my work on the computer, writing with pen is more meditative.

  2. Really sad. I mean, there are tribes and groups that are losing their language because the young ones aren't learning it or there is no one left to teach.

    I agree, most of my work is computer-based, but there's just something tragic about being so plugged in that you lose the ability to form a word on paper.

  3. Wow. Maybe they need to redesign their electronics.

    It seems little bits of the brain are triggered by writing and not typing.

    Thanks for the interesting read.

  4. Different pathways for different actions? It is just fascinating.