Saturday, March 27, 2010

Author Interview With Frances Pauli.

We’re joined this morning by Frances Pauli to talk about her new book.

Science Fiction Romance, March 15th
Published by Devine Destinies and available at their website or through
Frances' website.

Story overview:
They have to be lying when they tell her she was dead. With no memory of her past, and no idea who she actually is, Nora has little options. Alone, and at the mercy of the Mercenary Defense Conglomerate, she searches for clues into her past, and the truth about her supposed demise.

If she is a prisoner, robbed of memory and held against her will, then she must trust no one. If she has, in fact, returned from the dead, then who could possibly help her? Armed with only her wits and her inexplicably sharpened senses, she is forced to play along, to search for the holes in their story, and to piece together the flashes of memory that serve only to taunt her.

But the visions seem to confirm the impossible. The man who is supposed to be her fiancé seems bent on confusing her, and the one person she is desperate to be near may very well be responsible for her death. If the silent Roarke is her enemy, why do her visions draw her closer to him? And why, when nothing else seems remotely familiar, does Nora find herself remembering, or wanting to remember only him?

What inspired the piece?
Like many of my stories, Roarke, actually came from a dream fragment.
The images came through really vividly and I took them and expanded
things, played with the possibilities and the characters until a solid
story emerged.

What do you want readers to take with them after they read your book?
Primarily I want them to just enjoy the story. After that, I suppose
if the tale brought up any thoughts about what it would be like to
have no idea who you have a completely clear slate, then I'd
consider it a success. That was how the dream felt-- like a question.
Would you make the same decisions? Want the same desires? Be the same
person? And how much of who and what you are is genuine versus just a
product of your "training." (read that, environment, and outside

How would you describe your writing style?
Can I say "all over the board" and get away with it? Seriously, I
write two ways. One line is serious, sometimes dark, and usually gets
around to a point. The other is random and humorous and just plain
fun. I don't think I'd ever want to give up either, but then, I'm not
so good at picking a horse. Just look at my genres.

Do you plan, or let the story flow?
I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants. I get an idea, usually know
the direction it's heading and have a rough idea of how it ends. The
rest is as much a surprise to me as anyone. It leads to a lot of
revision, but the method keeps me writing--and finishing--projects.

What made you decide to become a writer?
Finishing that first novel. Up until then the idea seemed like a
wonderful fantasy, but when I'd done it, I mean, managed to hammer out
an entire novel, then I got really serious really fast

What is the best/worst thing about authorship?
Best thing? The writing. I love finishing even more--it's like a drug
that rush. Better yet, having someone read it and really enjoy it. I
suppose it's a latent need for validation.

The worst thing would have to be writing synopsis...or trying to
write/talk about yourself. Both are no fun.

Authorly advice, or things I wished I'd known. :)
Google everyone and every company before you interact with them. I say
that a lot. I don't even really like Google. Okay, just search a lot.
But really, learn as much as you can about everything and do your best
to make a lot of friends who know what you might not.

Thanks so much for having me!!

Author Bio:
Though she always held aspirations to be a writer, Frances originally chose to pursue a career in visual arts. Her stories, however, had other plans for her. By the time she entered her thirties, they were no longer content existing solely in her head. Compelled to free them, she set aside her easel and began to write in earnest

She currently resides smack in the center of Washington State with her husband and two children. When not writing she dabbles in insane things like puppetry, belly dance and playing the ukulele. She collects rocks, and is a firm believer in good wine, fine chocolate and dangerous men.

Her short fiction has appeared in Alternative Coordinates magazine.
More information on Frances and her writing can be found at

She offers a free online serial at:


  1. First, When can I buy the book?
    Second, Do I need to buy a e-reader?
    Third, When can I come over?
    I'm very happy for you!

  2. First, or Amazon. Second, no, get the pdf and you can read on any computer with Adobe reader (or print for your own use only). Third, I'm free all week. :-)


  3. Fun interview, again. Congrats on the book. Let's throw a virtual congrats party!

  4. I'll bring the virtual chocolate and the virtual wine!