Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Watched Keyboard.

Okay, haven't got the drama under control, but I wrangled back my productivity. Yay!

I'm pretty sure the spazzy monkey part of my brain went into overdrive and just threw my brain into the "all stop" position. Stupid primate. I need a stronger leash. Then there was the preoccupation with my lack of productivity. Staring at the computer just reminded me, over and over again, how little I was accomplishing. You'd think that with my affinity for tea, I'd know better than to "watch the pot."

I'm usually a believer in the idea of working through the block, but sometimes I just have walk away.

*On a way fun note, the weekend of March 27th I'll be interviewing author Frances Pauli. Stop by and learn about her new book and enter a contest for some great prizes.

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