Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Dreams May End Up Crashing On The Couch.

I don't know any writer (or artist, for that matter) that doesn't mine their dreams like a 49-er. I feel almost daft for even saying it. It's tantamount to proclaiming the sky is blue. Yes, duh, everybody knows that *rolls eyes.*

The tidbit of painfully obvious info still, nonetheless, never ceases to amaze me. I mean, how freaking awesome is it that we can just wake up and have something from the unconscious mind manifest itself into something usable?

That's not to say that's the end of the thing. More often than not, it's only the beginning. And to be honest, I've only gotten a very few ideas that actually inspired the creation of a piece, mostly sci-fi stuff and a few fantasy.

But I think my favorite thing that happens is when something from a current piece just barges in and flops down on the couch. It's something that you weren't looking for; something you weren't even expecting to happen. And then-bam!-it turns up and presents itself and demands to be dealt with. Funny how in real life, that annoys me so very much.

Anyhoo, I just had to pay homage to the Dream Muse today. She did me another solid with a character I've been unsure of for a long while.

Yay for sci-fi dreams!

**Remember, everyone. The interview with Frances Pauli is this Saturday. Fabulous-nes all around. :D

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